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Catalogue of excursions

City tour by car

You will get introduced to the main architectural and historical monuments of St. Petersburg. This popular tour offers visitors the opportunity to see as much as possible in a relatively short time. Our professional guide will show You around the historical center of the Nothern Venice.


City tour by car with visit to Peter and Paul's Fortress

After seeing the main landmarks of the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, You will be driven along one of the most beautiful bridges - Dvortsoviy and find yourself on Petrogradskaya Side. Here You will visit Peter and Paul fortress, which was built on the Neva banks 300 year ago.


City Tour by car + Two Cathedrals (St. Isaac's, Church of the Savior on Blood)

During Your sightseeing tour You will see the main architectural and historical monuments of St. Petersburg. The city is famous for its different confessions. However, an official religion of Russia is Orthodox, that is why the building of the Orthodox cathedrals has been very important to the country. You will visit St. Isaac Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Savior on Blood.


Three Cathedrals - The Kazan Cathedral, The Savior-on-Blood and St Isaac's Cathedral

We offer You to visit the most famous cathedrals of Saint-Petersburg - The Kazan Cathedral, The Savior on Spilled Blood Church and St Isaac's Cathedral. You will be impressed by the unique architecture of Russian churches and cathedrals. You will enjoy the marvelous gold decorations, old icons and the atmosphere that will give You a feeling of calmness and pacification.


Illumination Night Tour by car

Night tour - is one of the most unique ways to discover the city. The magnificent architectural ensembles, churches, cathedrals and monuments seem to exist in astonishing harmony with the night light.


Boat trip by Rivers and Channels

We offer You a unique chance of seeing the most romantic places of Saint-Petersburg from water. You will take a guided tour along rivers and channels of the city and see the famous St-Petersburg bridges, palaces and embankments. A boat trip will open a new view of the city in front of You. This excursion doesn’t leave anybody indifferent.


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