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Business invitation from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for 3 days

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Do you need to enter Russia urgently? You don’t want to wait several weeks for processing of your invitation letter in Federal Migration Department?  We can make a business invitation letter on the letterhead of a  Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI)  up to 5 years just for three working days.

The service is available only for citizens of Europe (except the United Kingdom and Ireland) and India - up to 5 years, for USA and Japan - up to 3 years, for China - up to 2 years, for Egypt - up to 1 year.

Our advantages:

  • Minimal prices;
  • Shortest period of processing – ONLY THREE WORKING DAYS;
  • We charge no additional fees and taxes.


* Multiple entry invitations for 2-5 years can be provided only if the applicant has at least two 1-year visas in last two years. 

** For citizens of China, Egypt, India a guarantee letter from real Russian company partner is required (the sample can be provided upon request).

*** The Chamber of Industry and Commerce can require additional information and documents.

Order an invitation
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