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Our guide with a driver will pick You up from the place of your accommodation and bring you back.

To feel the unique spirit of St. Petersburg You should look at it at night. St Petersburg is a thriving modern city that really knows how to enjoy itself, and there’s nowhere better to take St. Petersburg’s pulse than along Nevskiy Prospect. It is busy round the clock every day.This street is considered to be  the city’s commercial aorta. Our driver will drive You around the downtown, which is extremely charming at night both in romantic twilights of the White Nights and electric lights in winter. Saint Petersburg is also known as the City of Bridges. There is no wonder, because the city is situated on more than 45 islands.

Of course the most amazing fact about the St.Petersburg bridges is that all the bridges across the Neva river are drawbridges. It means that at night they are lifted to let the big steamers and ships pass through the river into Ladoga Lake. That is the picture of majestic beauty, especially during the famous period of White Nights from May till July, when nights are as light as daytime and there is a wonderful feeling of magic all around the city. We offer You to see the bridges’ opening from the left side of Neva river – from the English and Palace embankments. You will see an opening of the Palace, Troitskiy and Liteyniy Bridges.

Price includes :

  • Transportation by our driver;
  • Assistance of a local guide;

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