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Medical insurance policy for visa to Russia

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One of mandatory conditions for obtaining Russian visa is a medical insurance with the insurance sum covering 35 000 EUR. Insurance policy should be valid in all Russian territories and cover whole visa period.

Medical insurance compensates expenses caused by an unexpected illness or accident away from home:

  • Expenses for ambulance, hospital and medical treatment and medicines;

  • Delivery of patient to the country of living;

  • Accomodation and living for the person who accompanied the insured;

  • In case of fatal accident - expenses for burial abroad, or returning remains to the homeland.

You can order medical insurance for Russian visa on our website. You will need to fill in the application form, indicating dates of visiting Russia and your passport details.

We will send insurance policy to your email in 1 working day after full payment. 

Please before ordering medical insurance check directly in the Russian embassy / consulate if it's enough to have a copy of a policy while applying for Russian visa. If you need an original of policy, you can collect it from our office, or order a delivery.

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