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Catalogue of excursions

The State Hermitage

We invite You to visit the State Hermitage - one of the largest museums in the world. The Hermitage collection counts over 3 million exhibits, created by the masters of the different art schools, different nations and different epochs. The museum presents the great pieces of art, created by the world famous masters.


The Russian Museum

We offer You to take a guided tour to the first museum of Fine Arts in Russia; it is in the list of the most precious objects of the Russian cultural heritage. The main museum's composition and the significant part of its fonds is based in Mikhailovskiy Palace and Benua block. The whole collection counts over 390 000 exhibits and includes all the historical epochs and tendencies of Russian Fine Art, all its types and genres, directions and schools from 10th up to 20th centuries.


Yusupov Palace

We invite You to visit the Yusupov Palace. The history of the palace and surrounding estate dates back to the epoch of Peter the Great, who founded St. Petersburg as his brave new Russian capital. It took the palace nearly 200 years to acquire its present shape thanks to the work of the best architectural talents of the time: J.-B. Vallain de la Motte, A.A. Mikhailov 2nd, B. Simone, H. Monigetti, W. Kennel, A. Stepanov, A, Vaitens, and A. Beloborodov. Five generations of Russia's elite aristocratic dynasty, the Yusupovs, owned the palace between 1830 and 1917. The palace's magnificent interior decorations, restored through the hard work of St. Petersburg's best restoration artists, welcome Russian and foreign lovers of history, art, music and theater.


Butterflies Museum "Tropical paradise"

We invite you to visit Butterflies Museum "Tropical paradise", one of the largest museums in Russia. You will havу a chance to watch different kinds of goodly butterflies from America, Asia and Africa.


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