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Three Cathedrals - The Kazan Cathedral, The Savior-on-Blood and St Isaac's CathedralGo to back

You will visit three most famous cathedrals in Saint-Petersburg: St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazanskiy Cathedral, Church of the Savior on the spilt blood. In accordance with your desire this can  be organized as a pedestrian tour, or as excursion by car.  In first case You come  with our guide to the starting point of the excursion by public transport.  Or, if  transfer option is choosen, our guide with a driver pick You up and dropp of at the place of  Your accommodation.

Church of Savior on the Spilt Blood was laid in 1883-1907 on the place, where the tsar Alexander II was assassinated. The Church is famous for its mosaics on biblical subjects, which decorate frontpieces of its four porches. Church of Savior on the Spilt Blood is the only Orthodox cathedral, the mosaics decoration of which takes up 7 065  q.m.- it is one of the biggest mosaics collections in Europe.

St. Isaac’s cathedral is decorated with more than 500 paintings, sculptures and mosaics. Its colonnade, which is 43 meters high, presents a beautiful panoramic view of Saint-Petersburg. It took 40 years to build the cathedral. The cathedral takes the forth place among domical constructions.

The foundation of Kazanskiy Cathedral was laid in 1801 according to the project of architect A. Voronihin. The monuments to the famous Russian military commanders M. I. Kutuzov and M. B. Barklay de Tolly, were opened in 1837 by the 25th anniversary of a victory over Napoleon.

Attention: when you order transfer from the place/to the place, the time of excursion is automatically counted from the moment of giving car and/or till the place of drop off. Be careful of choosing the duration of the excursion.

Price includes :

  • Transportation by our driver;
  • Assistance of a local guide;
  • Entrance fees.

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